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Thread: Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

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    Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    If youíre fully stocked and prepared to survive anything, you may want to take that next step and start stockpiling popular bartering items.
    The exact items you choose to start stockpiling will depend on the situation your planning for, but in general the following items will all probably be in high demand after a total collapse:

    Water Purification
    Most people donít realize how hard finding clean drinkable water will become in a post-collapse situation. When the water treatment plants stop running, people are going to be scrambling to find a way to purify their drinking water. Iodine tablets, bleach, water filters, canteens and even cooking pots will all be needed and in very high demand.

    1 out of every 3 Americans own a gun, but how many of these gun owners actually stockpile an adequate amount of ammunition?
    In a SHTF situation Ammo is going to be a highly sought after item and will quickly become a very popular barter item. I recommend stocking up on calibers that you actually use followed by the most common calibers (.22, .223, 9mm, .45, 30-06, 12ga, & .308)

    Guns & Accessories
    If the SHTF those 2 out 3 Americans who donít own guns are going to be wishing they did. From people looking for parts to repair broken guns to those who are currently anti-gun, I can almost guarantee that guns will become one of the most wanted items after a collapse. Even pellet guns might be a good items to stock up on. Theyíre cheap, easy to find and would be easier to part with.

    Letís not beat around the bush here, in an apocalyptic SHTF scenario thereís going to be a huge number of people who will want to drink their sorrows away. Hard liquor is going to be the best option because of itís shelf life.

    Almost half of all Americans are currently taking at least one prescription medication. In a post-apocalyptic world prescription medications will be another highly sought after item. From people who need to treat life threatening illnesses with antibiotics to those that will just want to forget everything thatís happening, medications will be worth their weight in gold.
    If you're viewing a Utah Preppers article that I posted, please check out this post that explains how my content system works. Thanks!

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  3. Re: Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    I would suggest only trading these items with people you know well, or fellow Mormons. The reason being is because these items will be in high demand and will attract other people who are less morally inclined and who are desperate and willing to do anything to acquire these type of items.

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  5. Re: Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    On another board, I can't remember which, a guy named "Selco" listed the items he traded for during a year-long siege of his village in Bosnia. He also included snippets of everyday life during that period. That was probably the most chilling, educational, instructive post I've ever read! If I can get my feeble old neurons to firing and remember which board, I'll post it here. It should be required reading for every prepper. Maybe somebody here knows where to find it. Selco caused quite a stir with his posts.

  6. Re: Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    I thought about storing whiskey and cigarettes, but I'm afraid I will use them under stress! lol

  7. Re: Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    Add .38 762x39 and 30-30 to your ammo list, loose tobacco and pipes.

  8. Re: Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    I think the list of popular bartering items is actually limited. Ammo is good, but think about all of those people who have stored the wrong things or not enough of the right things. If people are depending on 72 hour kits, that's not gonna be enough. My cousin was in Japan on his mission during the tsunami and it took about 7 days before he was evacuated to another area by the church. So extra's of the basics could be good bartering.Especially if you are trading for something like HAM equipment, or tools, or seeds.
    Another consideration would be holding on to some of your more recently expired food (though we should be rotating it, and using what we store). During an emergency when people start begging for food the expired food wouldn't take away from your stores and possibly deter people from thinking you've got a great supply. And people will be desperate to fill their bellies and they probably wont care if it is expired. Still it is something you'd have to think about and decide if that is something you'd be comfortable doing.
    In addition, I would add things like sewing needles, thread, scrap cloth for patches, extra canning supplies, extra hand tools, scrap metal, batteries, seasoned wood, alternative forms of energy. Then as people need replacements, spare parts. Any of those would be good. I'm not storing alcohol even for bartering, I wouldn't feel good about that knowing how God views it.

  9. Re: Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    Beans and rice (5 gallon pails, several of them... or rather, several more than you already have).
    So long as you're gona store some extra stuff, it might as well be something you can (and would) use, and its well suited for long term storage.
    Kind of takes up some space, but it doesn't cost too much.
    I don't see myself storing booze or cigarettes.
    Not only would I not feel right about giving it to others, but its VERY expensive.
    I'm a Mormon convert, so I no longer do a lot of things that I used to do.
    So... is it wrong of me to still be holding on to about 10 pounds of Gevalia coffee in 1/2 pound blocks (vacuum sealed in mylar type pouches)?
    I'm not at all tempted to use it myself... I intentionally kept it as a potential barter item at the suggestion of another member, but now I wonder...
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  10. Re: Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    We had an elderly woman in our ward who was a teenager in Germany during World War II. She and her family lived in Prussia, the eastern side of Germany and were there when the Soviet army took over. Before the Russians arrived they were shelling the city she was in. During a lull she went out and discovered what she earlier thought to be a water or fuel tank at a factory, had been knocked over. The tank didn't contain water or fuel, but cooking oil. The spill formed "mud puddles" of cooking oil in which she and a sister gathered up into all of the containers they could find, while feeling like they won the lottery. These calories from the cooking oil helped her mother and sisters survive the war. Since hearing that eyewitness account I have always felt cooking oil would be a very important comodity. I know cooking oils have shelf lives of two to three years before they turn rancid, but I imagine the oil could still be used for oil lamps, oiling tools/machinery, leathers and perhaps running a diesel engine, or whatever.

    I had this sister who joined the church after the war come to my house and talk to my children about what she experienced. Trying to be the consummate prepper, I asked her what was the better investment: gold, silver or something else? In her thick German accent she yelled at me across my living room, "NOTHING! NOTHING! IT WAS ALL WORTH NOTHING. ONLY FOOD KEPT PEOPLE FROM STARVING." I was a bit taken back by how bold she was in her pronouncement. I certainly saw how it affected her and it made a real impression on me that as one who had never faced starvation, I really never knew how the world could be dumped on its head.

    This sister, Marianne Muthreich-Southworth (she married an American GI) had a book published about her survival story: One Fold One Shepherd, by Bonneville Books. It's a great book, but not much can top looking into a witness' teary eyes or hearing the quiver in her voice about facing evil and death. Very powerful indeed.
    Uphold The Right!

  11. Re: Stockpiling popular SHTF bartering items

    Great story Oregon, thanks for sharing it.
    Now I have to find that book...
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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