Home Storage Centers

Assistance with longer-term food storage is available in home storage centers throughout the United States and Canada.

Home storage centers have wheat, white rice, dry beans, other basic food items, and packaging supplies available for members to purchase. The centers also have packaging rooms and equipment available for packaging of products purchased at these facilities.

To schedule an appointment at a home storage center, either contact your ward or stake welfare specialist or call your nearest center.

The website for locating LDS Canneries (Home Storage Centers): http://www.providentliving.org/locat...26-1-4,00.html

Home Storage Center Order Form

A home storage order form is available to download to assist you in planning your next purchase from a home storage center. The prices are effective as of the date printed in the lower-left corner of the form. Copies of the form are also available at all home storage centers.

The home storage order form can be filled out using your personal computer if you choose. As you enter desired quantities, the form automatically updates your total cost. The form can then be printed, saved for future reference, or even e-mailed to a friend.

You may want to bring the form with you when you visit the home storage center. Versions of the form are available for centers in the United States and in Canada. Please select the version of the form that meets your needs.
The form is best viewed using Adobe Reader® version 7.0 or higher.

Here are labels from various products at the canneries with product info, storage life, etc...

Thanks to Self-Reliant Sisters for the label info: http://selfreliantsisters.blogspot.c...s-cannery.html